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Coloring & Icon Commissions

Hello hello! My name's Sol and I've decided to offer my humble services in hopes of earning a bit of money. I love coloring images and making icons, so this seemed like a fun idea.


Icon Pricing: $15 for 15 icons

◦ You provide the images you'd like done, along with a color reference/preferences. (Unless the colors don't matter to you.) Larger images will yield better results!
◦ You may provide examples if you want the icons cropped a certain way and I'll match them to the best of my ability, or you can crop the full-sized image yourself.
◦ If you like the style of an icon I've previously done, I can try to repeat it with your images. Some styles don't look right with particular scans.
◦ To ensure that the set will be to your satisfaction, I'll send you a sample before completing the entire set.
◦ I give discounts for larger batches of icons.
◦ Please pay by selecting 'services' to avoid a shipping deduction. Once payment is received, I'll begin coloring.
◦ A link back to me is appreciated when you use the icons.
◦ There is one caveat: I won't color fanart without the artist's written permission.

◦ I'm more than happy to do headers/layout images/Plurk icons! Please PM me to discuss what you have in mind!

1. [personal profile] accepted : 30/30 DONE

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